20/20 Technologies
Web Site Design Agreement


20/20 Technologies, herein referred to as PROVIDER, and __________________,
herein referred to as CUSTOMER, agree:

CUSTOMER represents an intent to enter into an agreement with PROVIDER for
the design of electronic documents (hereinafter referred to as WEB SITE),
implemented in Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), version 2.0 or later.
CUSTOMER further represents an intent to use said WEB SITE to advertise
or conduct lawful business activity on the internet.  The internet is
defined as the largest group of interconnected networks which use the
TCP/IP communication protocol.


PROVIDER shall conduct design, implementation, and promotional services for
CUSTOMER, performed at the discretion of the PROVIDER.  Services shall
generally include the following: graphical design and textual document
creation; conversion of conventional media into electronic form; design of
HTML code for document formatting; acquisition of an internet account to
host the implemented WEB SITE; submission of WEB SITE identification address
to search engines and subject trees; posting of announcements to appropriate
news groups and mailing lists.

Services may be extended, at the request of CUSTOMER, to encompass design
work or special promotional activities that are in addition to those
outlined above.  The charge for such work shall be forty (40) US dollars
per hour.


These services are sold as a package for the contract price specified at the
end of this document.  Payment shall be by cash, check, or money order, in US
dollars, made payable to 20/20 Technologies.

A minimum deposit of fifty percent (50%) is required to commence work.
Payment for the site must be made in full when the proofing stage begins.
During the proofing stage, typographical errors, design changes, and other
corrections will be made by PROVIDER according to the instructions of

All labor performed on the WEB SITE by PROVIDER in excess of the number of
hours indicated below will be billed at the standard rate of forty US
dollars ($40) per hour.


The CUSTOMER may request that mail sent to the WEB SITE's electronic mail
account be processed in one the following manners:  (a) forwarded to another
internet email address; or (b) relayed to a fax machine.  Service (a) is
rendered free of charge.  Service (b), referred to as the EFAX service, is
provided at the rate of $0.25/page for faxes within the continental United
States; otherwise the price is negotiable.


The term advertisement includes all information submitted to the PROVIDER
for publication, the WEB SITE itself, and all promotions publicly released
relating to the WEB SITE.

PROVIDER will try to avoid errors but cannot be held responsible for
mistakes that may arise in the course of publishing any advertisement.
These mistakes are taken to include insertions other than those ordered
and omissions within the advertisement itself.

Every advertisement order shall be deemed to constitute a warranty by the
CUSTOMER to the PROVIDER that the CUSTOMER has secured all necessary rights
and permissions with respect to the textual and graphical contents therein.

PROVIDER is not responsible for the loss or damage of information and
materials supplied by the CUSTOMER:  electronically, paper, or otherwise.
The PROVIDER does not accept liability for loss or damage alleged to arise
from errors within advertisements or by their non-appearance.  All
materials submitted to the PROVIDER are considered to be property of the
PROVIDER.  If return of the materials is requested, PROVIDER shall return
them, if possible, at the CUSTOMER's expense.

CUSTOMER is required to ensure that the content of the advertisement
conforms with all legislation currently in force affecting such matters.
CUSTOMER shall further indemnify PROVIDER with respect to any claims,
costs, or expenses that may arise from anything contained within the


Design work completed pursuant to this agreement by the PROVIDER, paid for
in full by the CUSTOMER, shall be the intellectual property of the CUSTOMER.
Such design work includes but is not necessarily limited to:  HTML (World
Wide Web) design, graphical images, and textual content made available for
public access.

This constitutes the entire agreement between the parties, and this
agreement may only be changed by a writing executed by both parties.

Contract Total $ ___________              Projected labor hours:  _________

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