How to play the Fruit Game
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J. Wellington Weasly Welcome to the Fruit Game! In this incredibly exciting game, the players take turns removing fruit from the table, in accordance with the rules. The player who takes the last fruit from the table is the winner.

Read the rules below--when you're ready to play, click here!

  1. At the start of the game, you will see four piles of fruit: peaches, oranges, lemons, and bananas. The number of fruit in each pile is different each time you play.
  2. After seeing the fruit, you are asked if you want to go first. If you say "no," the computer will go first.
  3. During your turn, you may remove (or eat) any number of fruit from one pile. For example, you may take "3 peaches," or "1 lemon"--but never "3 peaches and 1 lemon."
  4. You must remove something every turn. You cannot "pass" your turn.
  5. To remove a number of fruit, click on any fruit to remove it as well as all the fruit to the right of it. (See below diagram.)
  6. The object is to take the last fruit from the table.
(graphical demo of game in action)

Important Note:
There is no longer a prize available for winning the Fruit Game. Please stop emailing us with requests for your free oranges!