The Fruit Game: Technical Notes

The Fruit Game was inspired by Android Nim, an excellent old game for the TRS-80.

The fruit game is a simple attempt at mapping out a deterministic game into computer generated HTML pages. A program written in Pascal calculates the perfect strategy and creates the pages, labeled f000.html to f752.html. Note that not all of the numerical combinations are necessary, since many positions are never played into.

This is the same technology used by 20/20 Technologies to create interlinked catalog pages.

The sarcastic comments are supplied from a random list. When there are four or less fruit on the table, a different (even more sarcastic) list is used.

Cgi-bin scripting is not used at all--it's merely a network of interlinked HTML documents. While this brute-force approach may seem primitive, it actually has advantages--including better response time. Now if I could only map out the entire game of chess...

The images of fruit are created by Corel Corporation, used with permission.

The Fruit Game was designed by 20/20 Technologies, an internet presence provider. We hope you've enjoyed it.

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