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Quick Rules
On the table before you sit several piles of fruit. Players alternate (take turns) removing fruit from the table. On your turn, you must pick one kind of fruit (lemon, peach, orange or banana) and remove at least one of them from the table. The object of the game is to remove the last fruit from the table.
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Welcome to the All New Fruit Game!

Since the Fruit Game first went online October 13th 1995, we have received literally thousands of letters from students, teachers, mathematicians, nearly all of them extremely annoyed at the game. You see, in the Original Fruit Game you were forced to play first in a situation that could not be won. Regardless of the player's skill, the computer would always win.

We are very sorry we ever played such a cruel trick. It was really mean of us. But we've turned over a new leaf! The All New Fruit Game is a 100% fair and square game. Honest! You can go either first or second. If the computer continues to beat you every time, it's only because it is programmed so perfectly, not because of some sort of trick.

Here are just a few of the neat new features which we added to make the game more fun for everybody:

  1. There are now four rows of fruit providing you with longer more exciting games. That's right... we've added bananas!
  2. You now are given the choice of going first, or letting the computer go first. Unlike the original Fruit Game, it is now possible to win--although not easy!
  3. The remarks that the computer makes are funnier than ever!
  4. We've added a new mascot, "The Fruitmaster."
  5. The old rules confused people, so we changed them. In the original game, you tried to force the opponent to take the last fruit. In the new improved Fruit Game, the one who takes the last fruit is the winner.
  6. If you want to learn how to beat the computer, we finally have added a How-To Page which teaches you all the tricks.
  7. We now have a technical analysis of this game for mathematicians, computer programmers, and rocket scientists.
  8. We now provide Fruit Game Music for your listening enjoyment!

So what are you waiting for? Read the rules and then play a game!

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