20/20 Technologies
Internet Promotion Agreement

20/20 Technologies, referred to as SERVICE COMPANY, and __________________,
referred  to as CUSTOMER, agree:

CUSTOMER represents that it is an authorized licensee/owner of the following:
electronic business site, referred to as WEB SITE, implemented using
Hypertext Markup Language (HTML).  CUSTOMER represents that it intends to
use said WEB SITE to promote a lawful business activity on the internet.
The internet shall be generally defined as the largest global collection
of interconnected networks which communicate using the TCP/IP network
communication protocol.

SERVICE COMPANY shall provide under the terms stated herein "internet
promotion services" for CUSTOMER.  Internet promotion services are defined
as services intended to publicize and promote CUSTOMER's WEB SITE.  Services
may include, but not necessarily require or be limited to, the following:

	* research of related business resources on the internet
	* posting of announcements to appropriate newsgroups
	* submission of home page (electronic business address) to search
          engines and subject trees
	* announcement of home page in related mailing lists
	* attempts to establish beneficial trade-off links with
          non-competitive resources


The total contract price shall be the number of hours specifies by CUSTOMER
times the rate of $40 per hour, in U.S. Dollars, of which 50% shall be due
upon the signing of this contract, with the balance due upon completion of
services rendered.


In no case shall the labor expended by the SERVICE COMPANY in performance of
its services be required to exceed the number of hours specified in this


This contract shall expire upon completion of contracted services and payment

This is the entire agreement between the parties, and this agreement may only
be changed by a writing executed by both parties.

Contract price = Number of Hours:__________ x $40 = 	__________________

__________________________________________________	__________________
Customer/company officer authorized signature		Date

__________________________________________________	__________________
20/20 Technologies officer authorized signature		Date

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